Essential Modernities

everything you see and read here is the truth, just not the only truth

All digitally available editions can be found here.

Every release, printed copies are distributed in a different capital to celebrate the new issue, sometimes with an offline-only attachment.

date        location    edition

03/06/2018, New York    3

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released at The Glove

02/02/2019, Athens      4

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released at Little Curiosity Bookshop

18/11/2019, Berlin      Special

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released at KØPI137

05/05/2020, Abu Dhabi   5

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released from home

06/09/2021, London      Special

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offline attachment by Sadie Pinn

released at Freedom Anarchist Library

14/12/2022, Amsterdam   6

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released at De Doos

You can also download a torrent containing the entire archive.